Know that we always respond to our customers' complaints and requests thoughtfully and ensure that they are satisfied with our fast service. The objections cannot be made over phone calls but through writing and mail. Our booking agent is liable for the booking process and payments but is not responsible for damage complaints. The service provider is to be held responsible for damage and car loss.

Yes, the service providers that we offer are fully insured.

This may be because of some filters in your account. Make sure that our email address is added to your mailing list so that you can receive all our notifications on time.

All cancellations and alterations in bookings will be handled by our team and will be according to the terms and conditions. If you want to prolong your stay, the payment will be increased accordingly. Any refunds upon booking cancellations will be made into the same account the booking was made from. Simply contact us through the mailing address given.

Yes, we make sure that the payments are authorized and private. Your credit card details, email address, and contact number will be protected under your rights mentioned in our privacy policy. Once you have completed your booking, we remove your data from our servers.

No, any suspension of service or alteration in the service will not affect your booking if you have already booked the parking. The changes will take place only upon the next booking. Your booking will be identical.

Once you book a parking space online, you enter into a contract with the parking service provider.

By choosing the auto-play option, you are authorizing us to charge you automatically upon every booking you make from our website.